Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Quilting While House Hunting

I did a lot more hand quilting this past weekend.  This project makes a nice alternative to the machine piecing of Crossroads. 

Unfortunately for this quilt, the Olympics did not last long enough.  I was really making progress, while watching gymnastics, swimming, track & field, cycling (who knew that watching a bunch of people race around on bikes could be fun to watch on TV?), and beach volley ball (is it really a sport if you play it wearing a bikini?). 
But the Olympics are over so I had to find an alternative.  This weekend, House Hunters on HGTV served the purpose.  (House Hunters follows one person or couple's search for a home they can afford in their desired location, with all the amenities they want.)  This show is perfect to watch while hand quilting because you don't have to pay close attention.  Sure, the show isn't quite the "reality tv" it is made out to be (surely most home buyers look at more than three properties!) but it can be amusing.
Just one more block and the sashing and border to go.  There could be a lot more house hunting in my future.


  1. I love House Hunters.
    Another one is Property Brothers. Addicting!
    I have been on a Battlestar Galactica binge. I never realized how time flies while you're sitting doing hand work and watching some re-runs. Gotta love it!

  2. You made me nervous - I thought you were moving! I love House Hunters, especially the international series. Also, Income Property and DIY Disaster are also favorites. I had them on a lot over the past few weeks since I was in the midst of getting 3 quilts finished and off to the quilters! Three more in the works! Feels really good to be back in the groove!

  3. your quilt is wonderful. I would love it if you could share the name of your pattern. Do you have your quilting frame in the livingroom or are you a lap quilter in a hoop? I have tried several ways and I love the frame best but it is so darn big!

  4. I'm the same, I do my hand work while watching TV. I look forward to seeing more of your project.

  5. I'm the same, I do my hand work while watching TV. I look forward to seeing more of your project.

  6. That quilt is beautiful .My fiance and I are currently looking at real estate in Hawaii but none of our offers have been accepted yet but I am still hopeful.


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