Sunday, August 26, 2012

Crossroads Progress

I've been working on my Crossroads blocks now and then, making a little progress.  I decided to lay it out on the bed to see what the blocks look like with my choice of border fabric.  The photo shows the blocks on the fabric for the setting triangles, with the border fabric folded at the edge. 

I have some red fabric for the setting triangles and I also have some green I could use.  Decisions, decisions!  I think I prefer the red, plus I have another use for the green fabric. 

But I need some more pieced blocks that use green, to balance the colors in the quilt. 
Note, my quick mock up shown here does not include either the black and white sashing or the black inner border.
It is a good thing I have a little more fabric than the Crossroads pattern requires.  Our new puppy Dillie grabbed one of my strip sets and ran off with it.  I got it back, but slightly mangled. 
The strip set got off lightly.  You should see what she can do to the inner cardboard tube from a roll of paper towels!


  1. Oops....I love the green. It shows off the beautiful border.....LOL

  2. What a beauty! And what a lot of pieces - you are way more ambitious than I!


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