Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Quilt As Desired

Those famous last words in the pattern instructions, "Quilt as desired."  Well, I'm at that point on my Pretty Dresses wall hanging.

I got the borders on last week.  Then I planned out the hand quilting.  I'm making use of a stencil I had on hand for the border.  Sewline mechanical pencils are my tool of choice for marking for quilting.  The lead is very visible and they stay sharp, so much more convenient than marking pencils you have to sharpen.

I started by putting a few curved lines of quilting stitches in each skirt.  Next, a grid of straight lines in the background behind each dress.  Instead of marking the grid, I'm using 3/4" wide painters tape (masking tape works too).  I stick a strip down and quilt along the edge, then move the tape over, stitch again, and so on (and so on, and on, and on - it will take a long time!).

This is the center block.  The quilting in the background makes the dress pop.  When I took the photo, I'd finished one set of diagonal lines and had just started the set in the opposite direction.  But I've finished that block now.  Just eight more to go.  I'm not sure what I'll do in the sashing but I am thinking some kind of curved or wavy line. 

And while I quilt, I am mentally planning my next project.


  1. It's beautiful Cathy! The crosshatching is perfect for the background.

  2. Your sashing and border fabric choices are perfect, what an adorable top. Good Luck with the hand quilting, you're off to a good start, sounds like the perfect project for summer.

  3. I just love the hand quilting ! This quilt is just too CUTE!


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