Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Auditioning Borders

All nine blocks, assembled, with sashing.

The pattern is Pretty Dresses, by Barbara Brandeburg and Teri Christopherson, and appears in their book, Quilting with My Sister.  The book seems to be out of print but you can find it from independent sellers on Amazon.com here.  The original features 16 blocks, placed four by four, but I needed to reduce the size to fit the space where I will be hanging this quilt (in my sewing room), so my quilt will be nine blocks. 

My next step is to add the borders.  There will be a narrow white inner border (same fabric as the background of the "dress" blocks), then a wider outer border.  I searched my stash for border fabric and came up with three finalists.

Choice 1 is a subtle, leafy toile print in green on cream.  Once on the wall, I wondered if it has enough color.

Choice 2 is a smaller floral print in one shade of green on cream. 

Choice 3 is a multi-color print of small flowers on white. 

I am leaning towards #2.  I have a medium green I can use for binding.  The room where this will hang is decorated in yellow, green, and white. 


  1. I'm leaning towards choice 2 as well. Choice 1 is far too light to do this quilt justice and choice 3, while better, isn't quite right either. Beautiful quilt!

  2. I love these little dresses. All my youngest grand daughter (aged 2.5) wants to wear are dresses! I like choice #2 as well. It doesn't fight or overpower the other fabrics. It's just right!

  3. Number 2 is where my eye went also.


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