Monday, November 28, 2011

Long Weekend Spent Sewing

I spent quite some time in my sewing room over the long weekend.  I made some pillowcases, using fabric from the recent Christmas line from Me And My Sister.  The line includes a turquoise-blue color that is perfect in Miss Main Street's bedroom. 

Reggie, our Pembroke Welsh Corgi, approves.  (Please disregard the demonic looking eyes.)

I also made another pair of boxers for Miss Main Street, using fabric printed with the Eiffel Tower. When I finished the sewing, I went to Target to get a white cami or tank top to go with them, figuring I would not be able to match the turquoise or red color.  Happily, I found this exact match red cami on sale for only $4 - what a bargain.   (So I got a white one too!)  This will be a little Christmas present for Miss, to go with the big present she already knows about (going on her school's trip to India).   

I cleaned and re-organized the sewing space and figured out some upcoming projects.  More real quilting later this week.


  1. Very the Eiffel Tower fabric.

  2. What a productive weekend you had ! Love the Paris boxers.

    I want to Thank you again for the wonderful give away you had. I received my book in the mail & I LOVE IT! I posted the book on my blog :-D


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