Sunday, March 27, 2011

New and Improved

The last time I was at my LQS, Pennington Quilt Works, I invested in a new rotary cutting ruler.  The ruler I had been using was my original, the one I bought 19 years ago when I made the switch from cardboard templates-scissors-hand piecing quilting to rotary cutting-machine piecing quilting.  It had served me well but I noticed something new and improved in the store.

This Creative Grids ruler is 6.5" wide and 24.5" long.  That extra half inch tells me it was invented by a quilter, frustrated from using a ruler too narrow to cut 6.5 inch strips.  My original ruler was ony 5 inches wide.  Five inches is sufficient most of the time, but what a pain at those times when you need to cut something slightly wider!  I frequently had to press my 9" square into service and it just wasn't designed to be used for width of fabric cutting. 

I think this new ruler is going to be the next best thing to pre-cut fabric!

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