Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Next Quilt Project Found Me

I haven't quite finished my current project, the Ginger Belle quilt I am making with Rural Jardin fabric (it needs a name!), but I already have my next project identified.  I was in Barnes & Noble scanning the magazines when this leapt out at me. 

Here's another view of the quilt top, from a page inside American Patchwork & Quilting, April 2011 edition.

I find the design very appealing.  Moreover, I think I can make it from stash!  I'm going to use colors in the same general color grouping that I used in Saturday Sampler, the quilt below.

But I won't start until I finish my Rural Jardin project.  Help me with a name!


  1. I think that quilt is gorgeous! It's such a beautiful design and even better that you'll be using fabric from your stash!! :-) I'm terrible coming up with names for quilts too. Good luck!

  2. I got that magazine in the mail then forgot about it, I need to hunt it down. I like keeping the "Belle" for your quilt, it sounds French, but I'm lost as to what to add to it.....I'll think on it some today . . .


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