Sunday, November 14, 2010

Relaxing with Easy Quilts Magazine

Last week I bought some magazines with the intention of getting some time to relax with my feet up, and take in a dose of quilting inspiration.

First up was Easy Quilts, a publication of Fons & Porter.  It bills itself as "Official Publication of the Quilters Club of America."" I had not previously heard of the Quilters Club of America.  And I think this is my first issue of Easy Quilts

Initially, I was a little disappointed.  When I quickly browsed through the magazine on the newstand, my eye was caught by an apron shown on page 48.  I was expecting the magazine to have the pattern and directions for the apron.  It does not; turns out it is a purchased apron that they embellished with rickrack and ribbon.  But then I saw this:

This quilt is called Groovy Petals and was made from the Origins collection of fabric from Moda.  Really groovy in my opinion and going on my to-do list (or lifetime quilt project list), to eventually make in a different color scheme.  All the directions and patterns for the applique shapes for this one are included in the magazine.

So the purchase of this magazine turned out to be worthwhile.  I'll be back soon with another magazine review.

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  1. Good to know. I've never purchased that magazine before but Groovy Petals is very striking! I look forward to seeing progress on that quilt!


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