Saturday, February 20, 2010

Old Gold and Blue Flimsy

Old Gold and Blue is finished to the point of being a flimsy.  Some of the golds look washed out in the photo; they are really all more vivid yellow to gold in color.  I think high school kids will like the contemporary graphic look of this. 

Now the hard part - the quilting.  I'm going to echo quilt around the letters in Peddie.  For the rest, in blatant imitation of Red Pepper Quilts, I am planning straight lines.  Just need to decide between diagonal lines, running through either the gold or the blue squares.  Or, horizontal and vertical lines 1/4 inch from the seams.  Decisions, decisions!

1 comment:

  1. So have you decided how to quilt Old Gold and Blue? I like it ? I vote for diagonal through the gold with blue thread or through the blue with gold thread. But fair warning, I've never quilted a top in my life!!


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