Friday, June 19, 2009

Some Work On A New Project

You might recall mention here of my plan to make my daughter a quilt in the colors of the high school she will attend beginning in the fall. Well, last night was the 8th grade promotion from middle school ceremony (very well done, 375 kids on their best behavior, marching in and out in a dignified manner and sitting attentively during the speeches - in short, better behaved than many parents sitting in the bleachers), so time to get started.

I originally planned to use the French Kiss pattern from Fig Tree but I want to use a school t-shirt for the center block and it turned out that would not work with the diamond shape of French Kiss. So I hatched another plan, did much of the cutting, and just began the piecing. There will be some pieced blocks and sashing surrounding a larger block made from a school t-shirt. The quilt will unveil here over the next few weeks.

I must get this finished, quited, and bound by Sept. 5.

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