Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Crossroads - First Block

It hasn't been all hand quilting around here. I've managed to sneak in some machine piecing here and there. I finished the first block for Crossroads and have it on my design wall. Each square in the nine-patch finishes at 1.5 inches and the block finishes at 10.5 inches.

So far, so good. Seventeen more blocks to go, then the sashing, and the setting triangles, and the borders...OK, lots more work on this one!

Crossroads is a pattern from Bonnie Blue Quilts/Red Crinoline Quilts.


Strlady said...

The way I see it you have to start someplace! Every gorgeous quilt starts with the first block!

Lynn said...

That's a beautiful pattern Cathy. Thank you from bringing it to our attention. Your quilt is going to be right up my alley!