Sunday, September 9, 2012

What A Find!

I guess I could have clled this post, "Storing and Displaying Quilts, Part 3."  I was doing some errands on Saturday and my route took me by a furniture consignment store in Princeton.  I have plans for an update of our living room and dining room so decided to run in and see what was available.  I didn't find anything for the living room or dining room but I did find this:

It is a brass quilt rack, designed to hold three quilts.  It was priced at about $80 (with sales tax) so I decided it had to come home with me.  It is perfect for our mostly traditional decorating style.

Here it is in the bedroom with some of my quilts...and a view from the top. 

Right now, it is in front of a window so I need to do a little rearranging so I can move it out of direct sunlight.  I think I can even squeeze a couple more quilts on it.

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Marla Nelson said...

Nice find. They are so hard to come by. I asked my mother n law two years ago for one and she was so sure she could find one and was surpriced when she didn't. She found me one at a yard sale from her sister and felt guilty that it was second hand. She didnt want to give it to me for Christmas but I was very happy to get it. It sits in my living roon and I just love it. It doesn't have to be new to appreciate it.