Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Quilt Sampler Magazine

Reading about quilt shops can be almost as much fun as visiting them in person.  That's why I so enjoy Quilt Sampler magazine.

It was publishing genius when they increased the frequency to two times per year.  I may never go on a physical shop hop but I've done it in my head once or twice a year for the past ten years or so. 
Though I enjoyed this issue, none of the quilt projects caught my fancy enough to go on the LIST.  But there were a few drool-worthy specimens on display in the store photos, particularly this rainbow effect design made from solids, hanging on a wall in Quilt Beginnings in Columbus, Ohio.

From the notation, I think it is the store's own pattern, called Amish Crossroads.  At the moment, their website is not set up for e-commerce but maybe I could order the pattern by phone.  Hmm...


Sue said...

I just picked up this magazine yesterday. I never miss a issue. I agree it is just like going on a shop hop when you read this magazine. So fun to read about each shop. I really enjoyed reading about the MATERIALS GIRLS QUILT SHOPPE in Wichita Kansas. I have bought from them online. I also did not find any quilts in this issue to out on my to do list

Wendy said...

I enjoy every issue of Quilt Sampler. I also noticed some of the shop don't sell on-line. I'd love to see more pictures of there shop.