Thursday, July 26, 2012

Storing and Displaying Quilts, Part 2

I got a very nice response to my last post about ways to store and display quilts.  Many of the commenters have glass-front cabinets.  Great idea; the perfect way to store quilts yet still be able to see them.  I don't see that solution in my future though, as we don't have space for another piece of furniture.  Mr. Main Street has a very large glassed in cabinet in our family room that he uses to display a very large model sail boat that he inherited from his father, Capt. Jim.  My father-in-law grew up on the far eastern end of the North Fork of Long Island, in a sailing family, and was a professional yachtsman himself.  Jim's uncle made him the model when Jim was a child so it is rather special.  And handy; if there is any flak about how I want to decorate, I can just point to this great hulking cabinet holding the model boat!

I am looking for something I can use in the bedroom.  But in the meantime, I'll show you how I decorate with quilts around our house.  Besides having a quilt (or two) on every bed, I use my quilts in other rooms.

This quilt hanger is on a wall in my kitchen.  It displays a rotating collection of wall hangings, most of which were made specifically fo this space.  The hanger is 42" across. 

I have quilts casually draped on chairs here and there.  This quilt, Saturday Sampler, is on a chair in our family room...

...while Christmas Ribbons goes on the window seat in the living room at Christmas time. 

Then there is "the stack."  We have this odd display shelf in our family room, formed where the chimney to the living room fireplace juts into the family room.  It holds a rather wobbly stack of throws and lap quilts, just in case we need to warm up while watching TV.  Some of you mentioned having quilt ladders to display your collection and I think I could use one in here.  Just need to find a good source.

This display is on the wall on the landing to the second floor.  It is just two white wooden drapery rods (purchased at Pottery Barn Kids) hung one above the other on the wall.  The quilts are folded or draped over the rods.  It makes a nice scene for anyone coming up the stairs.  My goal is to make a few more Christmas quilts so I can turn this into a red, white, and green display at Christmas time.

I love seeing my quilts put to use, even if it is only decorative use!


Thelma said...

Great pictures of how your showcase your quilts. I too am looking for the perfect piece of furniture, with glass doors, to store my quilts. I wonder if I'll have to have it custom made? If someone runs across one I hope they share it with you!

Teri said...

I saw a glass chest with a domed top that holds a lot of quilts, but like you, I don't have a place to put it.....

I would love to see a picture of the boat in the glass case....what a special thing to have of your father-in-laws