Monday, March 19, 2012

Next to My Sewing Machine

Miss Main Street was due back from her school trip to India early Saturday morning so on Friday evening, I was finishing up my sewing room re-organization, moving everything I'd stored in Miss Main's bedroom back to the sewing room's closet. 

Things I discovered while reorganizing:

1.  I have lots of aqua and turquoise fabrics.  Even after making this quilt, Bermuda Breeze:

I need to find another project that will make use of what remains. 

2.  I have an incredible amount of Christmas fabric!  There are definitely more Christmas quilts to be made here.  I  am thinking of using the pineapple block for one. 

3.  I found a couple of UFOs that I had forgotten about.  Really, they are not even UFOs because I never started them, just bought the materials.  I'll be working them into the schedule soon.

Last week, a few bloggers showed what is on their sewing tables.  I love seeing other quilter's sewing spaces, so interesting and a good source of ideas.  I've been thinking I should reciprocate, and what better time than when the space is at its tidiest! 

My sewing room is the fourth bedroom in our house, and it doubles as a guest room so a bed takes up a significant portion of the space (handy for putting quilts on though).  My sewing table is perpendicular to the window centered on one wall.  I have my wooden ruler rack sitting on the window sill, though I'd ideally like to find another way to store the rulers because this tends to look messy.  To the right of my machine, handy for my right hand, are my scissors for cutting thread, a small box of straight pins, a small pincushion (looks like a pumpkin), and a small basket that holds scraps for leaders/enders. 

I store marking pencils, small rulers, a seam ripper, and a small brush for cleaning out the bobbin area of the machine in this mug.  It is from our everyday dishes (Portmeirion Botanic Garden) but developed a fine crack in the glaze inside that made it unsafe to use for drinking.  I have another mug for rotary cutters.

I picked up this Shaker box/tray at a quilting show several years ago, where they were being sold by the woodworker.  It is very handy, as the handle makes it easy to carry items from one place to another.  But right now, it has become a catch-all for extra spools of thread and sewing machine feet. 

So my quilting materials are fairly well-organized.  Miss Main Street's room was looking pretty good, too, until her suitcase errupted.  Now, her souvenirs from India are strewn all over ("I bought a lot, Mom.  Everything was so cheap there!)  But I can't get mad at her about it yet.  The first words out of her mouth when she saw us Saturday morning were, "Thank you Mom and Dad.  I had the best time of my life!"


  1. Great use of your space, thanks for sharing! I really like that Shaker tray and clever use of a cracked mug!

  2. I really enjoy your blog! Always inspires me to tackle the more difficult projects. I too like to see how other quilters organize their work space. Thanks for sharing - and the Shaker tray was a great find!

  3. Love that is like a lovely day at the beach!

  4. I love your mugs and Shaker tray for storing what you need often!


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