Friday, March 23, 2012

Bonnie Blue Quilts Cotton Club BOM

My local quilt shop is running a block of the month called Cotton Club, designed by Bonnie Blue Quilts.  I saw the finished quilt in the store a couple of months ago and liked it very much.  The problem was that the colors (brown and red) do not go particularly well in our home and if I am going to spend that much time (not to mention the money) making it, I want to be able to show it off. 

It turned out that the store could get me the pattern, or I should say, patterns.  There is a separate pattern for each month of the BOM, 12 in all.  It turned out to be an expensive way to buy a pattern!  I console myself with the though that I will be using a lot of fabric from stash to make it.   

The pieced blocks in Cotton Club finish at 5 1/2 inches, so it is similar to the Farmer's Wife blocks.  I am planning to use a color-scheme similar to this sampler quilt I made a few years ago. 

I'm plannning to structure this project as a BOM - party of one, making a few blocks every month, and taking my time to finish it up.  I'll keep working on my other projects at the same time.  So look for the first Cotton Club update soon.


MOMCAT14C said...
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MOMCAT14C said...

Hi! I came across your blog while looking for information on the cotton club BOM quilt. Your post came up, and the first thing I saw, apart from the Cotton Club quilt was the words "Pennington Quilt". I live in the Hightstown area, and I visit Pennington Quilt a few times a year.

I'm impressed with all of the quilts you've finished. Who does the longarm quilting on them? It's wonderful, and I've been looking for a good quilter.