Thursday, March 15, 2012

First Finish of 2012

It's my annual school auction quilt.  I'm calling this one Falcon Nest, after the school mascot.  It will be auctioned at the big event on May 5.

I used a piece from a t-shirt for the center, backing it with lightweight fusible interfacing.  I surrounded it with blue and gold hourglass blocks.  It is quilted in an overall swirl design, and is about 58" by 68".

It's good to have this done!


It's just me, Alice said...

It's even more stunning in person!

Bowbailey said...

the quilt looks stunning! And a lot of work went into making this look so fabulous. I certainly hope you raise alot of funds with this.

Heather said...

Wow!! That is a beautiful quilt, those hourglass blocks take awhile to make, great job :) I hope it earns lots of money.

Thelma said...

Another great quilt for the school auction. I really liked your 2010 project but I think I like this one a little better. I hope there's a bidding war over your quilt, it's amazing and deserves it.