Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Plan C...or Point Me by Denyse Schmidt Quilts

Finally, the pattern I ordered arrived!  I bought this pattern from an eBay seller, but the slowness is not the seller's fault as tracking provided by USPS indicates it took 13 days for this first class letter to get to NJ from CA!

I'd seen this online and liked the graphic simplicity.  And I thought it would work well as a two-color quilt. 

I cut out the fabric for the triangle blocks.  In the directions, Denyse Schmidt suggests using a design wall to lay out the triangles and then sew from the layout to keep it all in the correct order.  I used one of my batting covered block boards instead because I can keep it on the table next to my sewing machine, avoiding jumping up and running back and forth between sewing machine and design wall.  So far, so good, though the block board is not quite big enough so I had to place the two outermost triangles at the bottom.
And here is the finished triangle block.  I need 7, maybe 8, of these triangles for the quilt.  After that, putting the quilt together should be pretty quick.  I might even finish it by this time next week.


Sue said...

Love the 2 tone in this block ! Looking forward to watching your progress on this one

Vicky said...

Really great block! Love your color choices!

Anonymous said...

Oh I think your Plan C is great - will you use your Plan B as one side and this as the other side? Or do you get two quilts made at once now?

Linda said...

I am loving the colors.

Your last post "forced" me to order Paris Flea Market. ;)