Monday, January 28, 2013

Flying Falcons, aka Point Me Quilt

I finished my version of Point Me, a quilt design by Denyse Schmidt. 

I used the school colors, blue and gold, because I intend it to be a future school auction quilt. 
Happily, the blocks went together more easily than I anticipated.  And once the pieced blocks are together, the rest of the quilt is a cinch!  Now to get it quilted; I think the texture from the quilting will add a lot to the look of this quilt.
I can think of only one other quilt I've made with so little piecing and that's this quilt called Nosegay.  Nosegay is a great design to use when you want to showcase a favorite large floral print.
It is basically a central piece of fabric surrounded by two borders in coordinating florals, and the outer border is scalloped.  This design would make a great baby quilt, especially in a cute conversational fabric.
I'll end with these photos of Dillie.  If you recall, Dillie (Lady Dilys of Downton Abbey) is Corgi #2 in our household.  She joined us last July, six months ago.  She is not an easy dog to photograph because she runs toward the camera whenever she sees it.  Most photos look something like this. 
But after the photography session for the quilt, she agreed to pose (for seconds!) and I got this better shot.  She is eight months old now and looks like an adult Corgi, though she may grow a little bigger.  She stays busy, keeping Reggie (Corgi #1) on his toes.


Heather said...

I really really like the Point Me Quilt, it's fantastic!! It would be amazing in all sorts of color ways. The small quilt is adorable, I have yet to try scalloped edges, they look easy to mess up...
Can I have your pup?? Sooo sweet :)

Vicky said...

Your quilt is wonderful! Can't wait to see it all finished! Dillie is so adorable!!!!