Monday, January 7, 2013

Moving On To Plan B, or Plan C

My daughter attends the same independent high school where my husband teaches and each year, I have made a quilt in the school colors to donate to the Parents Association Auction.  Here are a couple examples from prior years. 

The school mascot is the falcon so I want to do something with flying geese blocks.  This is what I have on my design wall so far but I am not loving it. 

The geese finish at 3" by 6", the same size as the blue rectangular blocks which I have arranged like bricks or subway tile.  I need to cut more "tiles" to fill in the empty spots if I am going to finish this but I am seriously considering moving on to Plan B.   Plan B involves a different arrangement for the flying geese, where they would form a border around a plain center.  I have about 80 of the flying geese made, which I think will be enough for that plan.  

But then there is Plan C.  I found a pattern online, ordered it, and am awaiting its arrival in the mail (should be this week).  If I go with either Plan B or C, the pieces I cut from the blue fabric can be put to another use (I'm thinking string quilt).

Decisions, decisions.  Stay tuned for an update.

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  1. If you continue with plan A, move the line of geese to the left about half way to the edge. Or, leave it in the middle and then have flying geese on either side of the line of geese sporadically following the V formation. In this format, you could eliminate some of the center line of geese and spread them out to the left and right. I am an interior decorator and I like offset things sometimes.


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