Wednesday, May 18, 2011

700 Flying Geese - YIKES!

I bought Sew Scrappy last fall (I think you can still get it at Barnes & Noble and maybe your LQS); it is a special publication from Better Homes & Gardens, the American Patchwork & Quilting publishers. 

The magazine has several projects I like a lot, not least of which is this quilt called Five-Star Tribute

Each block (five stars) finishes at 10" and each sawtooth star is 4" finished.  I knew this from reading the directions but it did not really sink in until I began cutting.  The pieces are tiny!  And there are a lot of them!  700 flying geese, each measuring one inch by two inches, finished size.  A bit of a challenge.  I've begun...

Here are some of the pieces, cut and organinzed on one of my new 15" block boards.  The block boards are coming in very handy - I highly recommend making up a few of your own.  The fabric is from an older Moda line by Blackbird Designs, called Beach House.


Carol G said...

You really have picked yourself a challenge! Just remember, it is not a race but a journey to be enjoyed.

Susan Bailey said...

I think you have choosen a winning combination of pattern and the beautiful beach house fabric. I really like that line of fabric, when it was used for an Anne Sutton block of the month. I hope you'll keep us posted as you work on this new pattern. I'm actually working on a pattern from the same magazine as we speak.

Strlady said...

Lovely pattern. It is one of my favorites from the magazine. You need to pick up one of Open Gate's Mini Fit to be Geese rulers. It makes the geese perfect every time! I don't think I have tried to make that many geese yet but I'm working my way there. Just give me the right pattern and I'm all for it! Good luck on yours!


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