Wednesday, September 22, 2010

When Projects Go Bad

My project with the Hoffman cardinal fabric and the Moda jelly roll is not turning out quite as I envisioned.  the photo above shows a few blocks.  It looks way too busy to me and the prints with the aqua background don't mix well.  What do you think?

I stopped working on it while I figure out what to do.  At this point, I'm leaning toward taking all the cardinal sqaures I cut from the Hoffman print and reserving them for a future project, maybe more like this design from Lake House Fabrics, except using red and green with the neutrals..

Then I could use the jelly roll pieces in another jelly roll project. 

In the meantime, I  think I'll go back to my snowman project and get that one finished up, now that I have everything I need for it.

1 comment:

Vangie said...

I see what you mean about it being busy. The birds get a little lost. I like the other layout you are considering. It looks like it might showcase the birds a bit better. It reminds me a bit of a quilt I made for my neighbor who is a barrel racer. I'll send a picture of it to your email.