Monday, September 6, 2010

Five Things I Didn't Do This Summer

Labor Day marks the end of summer for me:  the swimming pool closes, kids return to school, the days get shorter and cooler.  I'm thinking about the things I meant to do this summer but never got around to doing:

  1. Lose a few pounds - My diet got off to a good start last winter but by June I'd lost my motivation so I put it on hold.  I meant to eat more fruit and vegetables, try some new lower-calorie recipes, what I call the effortless diet... oh, well, at least I didn't regain the pounds I lost earlier.  Time for the Fall Diet.
  2. Be a "regular" at the farmers' market - Our town has a farmers' market, open Fridays 3-7 pm.  I meant to be a regular, stocking up on fruit and vegetables (see above), but work got in the way and the two times I made it there, I bought pies.
  3. Come up with a plan for sprucing up our living room and dining room - Both rooms got a complete redecoration 13 years ago when we bought the house.  They look a little tired and dated now, though both my husband and I like the style and colors.  I need a way to give both rooms a fresher, updated look without spending a lot of money.  Thought I'd do some research and shopping this summer but it didn't happen.
  4. Plan a fall yard sale -  We have a large and easily accessible attic, making it all too easy to hang onto things we no longer need.  I meant to sort through all the "stuff" in the attic and basement and get ready for the town's fall yard sale day.  Some day...
  5. Hand sewing - I planned to make some progress on my dresden plate blocks and start another hand applique project.  But both will have to wait until a fall gathering of quilting friends.

I'll carry these projects over to the fall.  Along with a few planned quilting projects, they should be enough to keep me out of trouble.

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