Friday, September 17, 2010

For Sale

About six weeks ago, my husband and I had our bedroom repainted for a fresher, updated look.  I decided to have the inside of the closets painted while we at it, which meant taking everything out of the closets.  You don't know how much you have until you have to empty your closets completely!  While I found a few forgotten treasures hiding in the back, I also found a number of things I no longer wanted.  Several bags went to our local thrift shop.  But a few things seemed eBay-worthy and I just listed them - designer handbags for the most part.  If you are curious, you can see all the listings here.

I decided to try one listing of quilt fabric.  It is a kit for a quilt top using Poetry Collection by April Cornell for Moda.  I bought this a few years ago but never made it and don't see myself getting to it now.  If you are interested, the eBay listing is here.

I know I'll be having a fun day tomorrow!  My quilty friend Sue and I are going to the Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza show in PA.  I'll report back!

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