Sunday, August 8, 2010

Spool of Thread + Corgi =

...No progress on binding tonight!

But let me back up.  There hasn't been much of a quilty nature happening here the past few days.  Instead, we've been in get-ready-for-camp mode.  Today (Sunday), Mr. Main Street and I drove Miss Main Street to her fourth year at Ranch Camp, a YMCA camp where she rides for half the day and spends the rest of the time in the usual camp activities. 

Reggie (the corgi) gets very excited when he sees luggage.  He does not like being left behind!  And this time, he let us know it.  While we were gone, he managed to find a spool of thread I'd left on an end table in our family room.  He gave it a good chew; the "after" picture is above.  I'm glad he did not swallow it but now I need to get another spool of the same color so I can continue to hand stitch a binding down.  I might manage to fit that errand in after work tomorrow.


Quilts and Cats said...

I've had similar looking spools of thread due to what we refer to as "cat attacks". Nothing is sacred with a pet around!

Carol Stearns said...

I've had a few doxie spools myself. And the suitcases, well that is another story.