Saturday, August 14, 2010

American Quilter

I discovered a new-to-me quilting magazine on the stand at Barnes & Noble:  American Quilter.  Do you know it?  I bought a copy (September 2010 edition) specifically for the article "Floating Edge Finish" by Karolyn "Nubin" Jensen. 

It is a design in which a scalloped edge appears superimposed on (or floating over) a regular, sqaured edge.  It is very impactful, especially with the block setting shown.  Something with this edge finish is going on my "list."

I did a Google search on the author, hoping she would have a blog or website where I could see more of her work, but didn't find anything like that.  I did find a few mentions of her name on other blogs though, and apparently she is a longarm quilter.  The quilting on the quilt in the article looks exquisite.


  1. HI Cathy,
    I'm Brenda Riddle, a designer (Acorn Quilt & Gift Company), & Nubin is my quilter & a dear friend! She is incredible in everything she does - from quilting to making up new quilts (making them her way) to being a wonderful Mom & a great friend. Her long-arm quilting business is called 'K J Quilters Extraordinaire' & she lives in Oro Valley AZ. . .
    Oh!. . . & I wish you could see the quilt in person. . . as beautiful as it is in the magazine - it is even more stunning in person!
    xo, Bren

  2. Hey Cathy...this is Nubin. Brenda Riddle sent me this blog. My son is working on setting up a web site...I am NOT computer literate, so this is the first time I have blogged (is that a word). Thank you for the lovely compliments on the floating edge finish and also the quilting on my "hand dyed and polka dots" quilt. My email is I do know how to thanks again for the compliments.


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