Thursday, August 5, 2010

Quilting To-Do List Re-Visited

 Before I decide which project to focus on next, I thought I would re-visit the To-Do List I put together at the beginning of the year.  Here it is, with annotations added today.

  1. Good Tidings, from Miss Rosie. Directions are in an issue of Australian Homespun that I just happen to have.  I'm just not feeling the love for this any longer.  All those pinwheel blocks look a bit tedious.  I think I will move on.  
  2. Brand New Day, another pattern from Miss Rosie. This is a WIP I blogged about in December. I am making it with my hoarded Folkart Christmas fabrics designed by Robyn Pandolph back in days when she designed for Moda. The flimsy is finished; just needs quilting.
  3. Another applique quilt - I am thinking of a design from the Quilting with My Sister book that would make a nice wall hanging for my sewing room.  Still want to do this; five months to go.
  4. School Spirit - a gold and blue quilt for the Parents Association auction at my daughter's school.  Finished and sold at auction.  I plan to make one for the 2011 auction but don't need to start yet.
  5. Finish my Dresden plate UFO - this is my portable project. I knew it would be a long-term endeavor when I started it (in 2007 I think) - long-term, not life-time.  Still working on it; a nice, portable project for when I get together with my quilting friends.
  6. Make something that is atypical for me. I think this will use my turquoise and aqua fabrics, the fat quarters I've been collecting for a couple of years. Simmering on back burner, waiting for inspiration.  I have a couple of ideas; one of them needs to reach out and grab me.
  7. Skill expander quilt - My skill expander in 2009 was Shasta Daisy, my first machine applique quilt. I have a WIP based on a variation on the kaleidoscope block. I have not worked with an isosceles triangle before, and a block with 8 pieces coming together in the center is a challenge for me too. Started, then my attention was diverted by Christmas in July.  I think it is time to resume work on this one.
I've done two of seven projects and struck one off the list.  At the moment, I 'm most excited about the last project on the list so I'll get back to work on that.  I'll have some binding to do over the next few months, as well as the quilting and embellishing of my snowman wall hanging.  And I'm sure to dream up a few more must-do's. 

So many quilts, so little time!


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