Monday, August 30, 2010

Cutting A Jelly Roll

After a lot of sorting and ironing, I started cutting.  And I turned this...

into this...

and this.

Yes, I cut my own jelly roll.  I keep seeing all these great quilts and other projects to make with jelly rolls but I have so much fabric already, fabric I love.  So I broke out my extensive stash of pastel florals:  lots of Paris Flea Market by 3 Sisters (possibly my favorite fabric collection ever), Hannah Bella from Robyn Pandolph, Mary Rose, and others.  I chose those that looked like they would work well together, then cut a 2.5" strip of each.  It was a lot of cutting; there is a definite advantage to buying "pre-cuts."  But now I have my own unique roll to work with in a project.  And cutting it barely made a dent in my stash, though it did make a good opportunity for straightening up the stash piles in the closet.  They look much neater now.

Come back tomorrow because I'm having a giveaway!

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  1. Cutting your own jelly roll gives you a Jelly Roll that no one else has. :-) I cut my own Honey Bun awhile back.


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