Monday, August 2, 2010

Christmas In July - Grand Finale, Part 2

Ta-da!  My Christmas Day top is finished!

I really love this.  It was worth saving the Robyn Pandolph Folk Art Christmas and Aubrey Rose fabric until I found just the right design to show them off.  I especially like this star block.  It is a variation on Ohio Star.  I will probably use it in another quilt sometime.

This quilt is based on the Brand New Day pattern from Miss Rosie's Quilt Co., but I made an adjustment and used a different print for the border.  The pattern uses the same fabric for the unpieced setting blocks and the outer border.  My original intention was to follow the pattern exactly but I found I needed to modify the plan to make the star blocks pop; they were getting lost against the floral with the light background so I ended up using that for the border only.  

I still have to piece the back but it is not going to the longarm quilter until next month so I have a little time.  I'll make the binding using the same red tone-on-tone that I used for the narrow inner border. 

Do you ever suspect that the fabric in your stash is reproducing when you aren't looking?  I thought this quilt would use up almost all of my hoarded Robyn Pandolph collection.  It did make a bit more than a dent in it, mostly because of the large pieces needed for the border and backing, but I still have plenty left.  I have an idea for using it but I think I will move on to something else and come back to this another time. 


  1. Oh, Cathy it's stunning! Applause, applause!!!

  2. Beautiful, I love Robyn Pandolph's fabric and I really love your quilt.


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