Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Christmas Gifts for Teachers

Yes, I know it is summer vacation, and a little early to be thinking about gifts for your kids' teachers, but in keeping with my Christmas in July theme this month, I thought I'd tell you about a great idea for teacher gifts. 

The BookJournals people take old books and repurpose them as journals, replacing the spine with a spiral binding and most of the book pages with blank paper.  There are all kinds of old books to choose from and part of the fun is selecting old book covers that are meaningful to your recipient.  Last December, I bought several for Miss Main Street to give to her teachers:  French Teacher received a journal made from an old French-English dictionary, Algebra Teacher received one that used a math text book, Chemistry Teacher received a journal made from a children's "fun science experiments" book, and so on.

If you would rather make your own, Just Something I Made has a tutorial for making a planner out of an old book and you easily adapt this tutorial to make a journal.  You can get interesting old books cheap at library book sales and yard sales.

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