Monday, August 31, 2009

Australian Homespun Magazine

A few weeks ago, I took out a subscription to Australian Homespun magazine. It had popped up around quilting blogland but I could never find it at a quilting store or newstand around here, even the ones that stock other Australian magazines. Then I found Stonehouse Publications online. They are the US and Canadian distributors for Homespun (and more). A subscription is pricey compared to US magazines like McCall's Quilting, but I figured it would be fun to try.

My first issue arrived this week. It is issue no. 73 (vol. 10 no. 6). They are not dated but I think it came out in June because the mini-article on the next issue refers to it as the "Christmas in July" issue. Must take a little longer to get this far. Anyway, it did not disaapoint. I especially like the circle quilt on the cover and am already planning to make it in a collection of scrap fabrics I've saved that coordinate with our tv room decor.

I like this issue so much, I just ordered two back issues from Stonehouse. I'll report in when they arrive.


Megan said...

Cathy - On behalf of the whole team that puts the magazine together each month, let me say how lovely it was to read this post.
You're correct in believing that 10.6 is the June 2009 issue. Each January we start a new volumne and the second number indicates the month, so .6 = June.
The Christmas in July issue has been very popular here in Australia, so I hope you enjoy it too.

Megan Fisher
Technical Editor
Australian Homespun

Anonymous said...

I clicked your link, because I've been looking for a place to get this magazine, but it just goes weird places when I try to get off the main page. I'm going to try the phone number tomorrow and see what happens. Thanks for a lead.