Sunday, June 9, 2013

Scrap Basket Sunday - Week 9

I made eight more Lemoyne star blocks this week and figure I am close to having the number I need for my quilt, whatever the setting turns out to be.  So I decided to trim them up.  I'm using the Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star ruler to strip piece my star blocks.  They are meant to be trimmed down to size and end up with uneven, jagged edges.

block before trimming

block after trimming
My blocks trim to 7.5" so this 8.5" square ruler is a big help.  I line up the 3.75" lines on both the vertical and horizontal seams through the block, plus the diagonal line on the ruler with the diagonal seam on the block and trim the top and right edges.  Then rotate the block and trim the other sides.  Actually, I rotate my rotating Olfa mat - a huge help, so glad I bought this at a quilt show.  (You may recall one of my earlier posts about what a sucker I am for gadgetry seen at quilt show vendors.)

The yield is some nicely squared up blocks and a pile of trimmings.  This pile represents about 20 blocks. 

Earlier in the week, I went stash diving for fabric that might be used in the setting of these blocks.  I found a few possibilities.  I love this stripe and the color is good match for the star background fabric but I think it may be too delicate looking for this design.

Here are three possibilites.  The fabric on the left is a Fig Tree Designs print; I'm thinking about using it for the backing.  I like the large toile in the center; it is a possibility for setting triangles.  The print on the fabric on the right did not show up in the photo but it is very close to the star background fabric, just a much larger scale. 

Setting decisions still to be made!  And more scrappy blocks to be seen at Kim's place.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I do the same thing with some of my blocks because I piece horribly at times and comes out uneven - I like to make bigger and trim down too.

Kim said...

I have a small turntable type of cutting mat but I haven't really used it so far. I'm looking forward to seeing what you decide for the setting fabrics and how you set your stars!