Thursday, June 6, 2013

Globe Trotting - Finished

Back in March, I showed you this flimsy, called Globe Trotting.

Now Globe Trotting is a true finish, quilted and bound.

Karen Thompson did the quilting, using an all-over design of swirling feathers and little circles. I don't usually wash my finished quilts right away but I washed this one to see if washing would remove the little bit of stiffness from the interfacing and it did. 

I bound the quilt using the same raspberry pink solid I used in the blocks. 

And the backing is a Fig Tree Designs print I got on sale. 

Globe Trotting is in place on my reading chair, though with summer here, it will be some months before I need it.

Globe Trotting is one my Fig Tree Harvest quilts; all the quilts are on my Fig Tree Harvest page (tab at top of blog) hereMy tutorial for the Many Trips Around the World block can be found here.


Nicole said...

That is gorgeous. You do amazing work Cathy.

Sue said...

LOVE IT ! Great finish !

Kyle said...

Your quilt is lovely and looks fantastic on your cream chair. Your tutorial is great. I've had one of these trip quilts on my list for awhile. I can't decide to do scrappy or controlled like yours. Beautiful job!

JoAnne said...

It is so pretty! I can't wait to wash my quilts when they are finished so they get all crinkly and soft.

Rose said...

Love the quilt. I noticed that there are no borders. Is that how the pattern was or did you make that decision? I finished my first quilt without borders and it seemed "strange". I also like to wash my quilts after finishing, it gives it that used look.