Monday, April 30, 2012

More of the Dresdens

I did not intend to be absent for so long but everyday life interfered with quilting so I haven't made much progress on my current project, the Dresden plate quilt.  This is how it stands now:

All the blocks are attached with the sashing and 9-patch cornerstones.  I am working on a pieced border.  I'm glad I came up with this idea for a pieced border.  One of the problems with working with fabric from older collections (which basically means anything delivered to stores more than 3 or 4 months ago) is finding the yardage needed for borders and binding.  The Fig Tree fabric I am "harvesting" came from fat quarter packs and layer cakes, so when I need something for borders and binding, I have to be creative.  One option is to find a coordinating print from a current collection.  Another is to make a pieced border, using some of the fat quarters or other small pieces.  Another option is to forget adding borders entirely, which I did consider for this quilt.

But when only yardage from the original collection will do,  my resource is is a group of independent quilt shops.  The site has a search engine that allows you to search many, many shops all at one time, for that particular fabric, quilt book, quilt pattern, or notion.  You can search for fabric by manufacturer, designer, collection name, etc.  Results are displayed with thumbnail photos and you click through to site of the individual shop to place your order. 

I've found this site such a godsend!  Even if the fabric collection is two or three years old, some quilt shop somewhere will have it.  And each time I've placed an order, the service from the individual shops has been great.  I highly recommend this site the next time you are in a jam. 


carol fun said...

Love the Dresdens-this is s great setting! I've used that site too and have had good luck finding "older" fabrics. Fabric lines just fly by these days. Anymore I find myself thinking about a border fabric before I've decided totally on the quilt so I can have something on hand -sheesh!

Darlene said...

It's beautiful. LOVE it.

I find myself turning to quite often, as well.

Sue said...

I use all the time. Your Dresdan quilt is just gorgeous!