Thursday, April 14, 2011

Coming Together

I finished 22 triangles, or 4.5 spiderweb blocks.  This is what they look like:

Now that I have several blocks completed, it it easier to see how the spiderwebs form.  Again, just laid out on my dining room floor, not sewn together yet.  When I do start sewing the blocks together, I'm thinking of pressing the seams open.  I usually press to one side.  For one thing, it makes matching seams so much easier when the pieces nest against each other.  But in this case, I think pressing the seams open will lessen the bulk in the center, where eight pieces come together.  Any advice?


Abbybeth said...

that looks fantastic!

I've started pressing seams open and I've been liking the results. I definitely use it in areas that have a lot of bulk and it helps. I still press over when I want a clean nesting if I'm matching points but other than that I'm pressing open :)

HTH! Can't wait to see this one as a complete top!

Mad about Craft said...

The quilt is fantastic!

I would press seams open I think.