Monday, March 29, 2010

Pillowcases - Finished

I've been participating in On The Edge Pillowcase Crochet Along.  Cassie of You Go Girl organized this and put the instructions on her blog.  I finished mine on Sunday.

They are actually pretty easy. The hardest part, well, really the most frustrating part, was the blanket stitch that forms the foundation for the crocheted edge.  You have to use such a long piece of yarn in the needle that it becomes twisted and tangled very easily, so this step does require some patience.  Cassie advises having some chocolate on hand as a coping mechanism.

I think that another time, I might weave 1/4" ribbon in the spaces between the blanket stitches.  I'd also like to see how it turns out made with much finer yarn or crochet thread.

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