Monday, July 11, 2016

Making A Sewiing Gear Bag for My English Paper Piecing Projects

I've finished the piecing of La Passacaglia but intend to do more English paper piecing in the future.  I want to make some sort of handy-dandy bag that will make it easy to take my hand piecing with me on the go.  I'm leaning towards the Zip It Up! bag from By Annie.  Has anyone made it?  If so, any tips?

I learned about this bag from the photos on Instagram.  I love the bright color zippers with the black and white prints but will probably do something else for my own bag.  

I stumbled on another cleverly designed bag on the internet. It is called the Bionic Gear Bag; there is a video demo of its features on the website and you can buy the pattern as a PDF file on Craftsy.  

This bag looks a little more challenging to make but wouldn't it be handy for a class or retreat?

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  1. I'll have to take a closer look at these. My current 'kit' is a makeup or toiletries bag from Target that opens like a book with a clear vinyl pocket in the center that can flip either direction. It's pretty good, but having something made to be just what you want is always nice.

  2. Hi Cathy-
    I have made a few of those Bionic Gear bags. They are great! They really aren't hard- she included a ton of instructions to guide you along the way.

  3. The gear bag does look kind of complicated and not sure if you would want all those zippers as they take up lots of space. I did like the firs one and could add a second or third pocket to it for storage.....???


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