Thursday, January 7, 2016

Red & White Quilts: Infinite Variety

Another Christmas gift, Red &White Quilts:  Infinite Variety covers the 653 quilts in the Infinite Variety show that was in New York in March, 2011.  You may recall it from photos of the stunning way the quilts were hung.

I've mentally kicked myself for not making the time to attend the show in person.  We live close enough to NYC and it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  The book is like a catalog of the 653 quilts that were in the show.  As the show was being developed, each quilt in the collection was photographed and cataloged.  (The owner, Joanna S. Rose, did not even know how many quilts she had until they finished the photography.)  The photos are presented in the book, organized so similar quilts are together, along with a few essays about putting on the show.  It is very inspirational for a quilt maker; I've already got a few designs mentally marked down for my next two-color quilt.

Thank you, Mr. Main Street, for adding Red &White to my quilting library.

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  1. Wished I had been able to attend the show in person as well, but I'm glad the book was published so everyone can enjoy this remarkable collection.

  2. I got the book for Christmas also. It is amazing how beautiful red and white can be. I'm going to challenge myself to make a red/white quilt each month. Of course, quilt can be a block that is a table topper.

  3. Yep... I was really disappointed I didn't make it either and I live in CT.... not very far either. I did see the book also and a friend attended and is still talking about it!;((((


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