Tuesday, January 12, 2016

More Progress on La Passacaglia

I can't claim to have done a lot of quilting during December.  I prepped pieces for La Passacaglia and took them with me on my trip to France but worked on it four hours max over the course of the 10 days I was traveling.  Once home, I focused on the binding for Floating.  But then on New Year's Day, I returned to EPP and made a few more rosettes.  I

Three new small rosettes and I am at work on the third (out of four) large rosette.  I need to make many more connecting stars so I can get them all joined together.  Whipping together the connecting stars is the more mindless part of this project; I think I need some TV to keep me company.  Miss Main Street recommends Master of None, Strange Empire, and Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries on Netflix.  So you watch TV while you sew?  If yes, any recommendations?

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  1. I listen to books while I sew, I feel like I miss too much of the subtleties and facial expressions when I'm sewing and TV watching. But thanks for the Netflix tips, they're all new to me! Just finished The Nightingale, it's a great read!

  2. I listen to NPR, particularly Brian Lehrer. Mindless sewing and/or knitting and good conversation. Great combination!

  3. Rosette by rosette you're making progress. Have you ever watched Midsumer Mysteries on Netflix?


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