Thursday, January 14, 2016

Quilting Goals for 2016

My goals for 2016 are to accomplish the goals I set in 2015, that I promised I'd do in 2014, that seemed like a good idea in 2013, that I aspired to accomplish in 2012.  
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Because I am a list sort of person, I like to have to-do lists.  For quilting, I especially like the visual list that making a board on Pinterest represents. so I renamed my board Quilts To Make in 2015 to Quilts To Make in 2016 (I know, so original) and edited it to more accurately represent what I want to accomplish this year.

So here's what's on my quilting to-do list for 2016:

  • Laundry Baskets Little Butterflies quilt - I finished the top in early 2015. It has been sitting, all sandwiched and basted, ready to be quilted.  Must do it!

  • Stars In A Time Warp - remember that sew-along?  I have a few made, need more, and will make them into a wall hanging for my kitchen.

  • Something creative and modern with hexies, likely incorporating a rainbow of colors.
  • Woven design quilt - I've been wanting to do this ever since Thelma of Cupcakes N Daisies made a quilt using a Moda Bakeshop pattern with a woven look.  I have a few jelly rolls in my stash earmarked for this project.  
  • Orange Peel - another bucket list project, I have an image in my mind and need to execute it!
  • Clam Shell - giant clam shell quilt, mini clam shell pillow - not sure which, but one or the other.
  • La Passacaglia - Must finish the quilt that takes FOREVER!  My goal is to have the top done (not quilted) by Christmas, 2016.
That's probably as much as (or more than) I can accomplish in one year.  To get the visual impact of my quilting to-do list, visit my Pinterest board.

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  1. Hi Cathy,
    I recently visited Thequiltedpineapple's post and saw a quilt she had quilted for you called "Christmas Stars". Is there any way I could buy this pattern somewhere? Thanks

  2. 2016 sounds like a very busy sewing year. And why not. It's all about enjoying the journey.


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