Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Jubilee Blocks

Wow, I needed a long weekend!  We got Miss Main Street delivered to college last week so I decided this weekend was a good time to thoroughly clean her bedroom at home.  So much easier with her (and much of her paraphernalia) absent.  One cleaning task led to another, then came the realization that I would have to take on Miss Main Street's former chores around the house, mainly vacuuming (two or three times a week because of the two dogs) and emptying wastebaskets.  To compensate, there will be less laundry! 

But with the extra day off work, there was still plenty of quality sewing time.  I began sewing the blocks for Jubilee.  I have five blocks finished and several more in progress.  They are going together very well so I will cut the pieces for the additional blocks I need this week.

The block for Jubilee is an Ohio Star with the additional squares of fabric in the corners.  The Jubilee pattern makes extremely efficient use of layer cake squares (layer cakes are stacks of 10" squares, typically 40 pieces, all from a single fabric collection).  Initially, you cut the layer cake square into three 5" squares and one 4" square.  The 4" square forms the center of the block and the 5" squares are sewn and recut to form the other pieces. 

I'll be back later this week with more blocks.


  1. These blocks are so cute -- It's amazing that you can cut all the pieces from a layer cake sheet. Very clever!

  2. I've made that block before and really liked it. What a perfect use for Fig Tree fabric!

  3. More Fig fabric and the block design is perfect for showcasing those great colors.

  4. What a beautiful block!
    Congratulations you are off to a wonderful start.

  5. What a wonderful block! That will be an awesome quilt!

  6. I have been looking at all your beautiful quilts, great job!


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