Monday, February 18, 2013

Trying Out My New Camera

Mr. Main Street gave me a new camera for Christmas.  I decided I better practice with it before our vacation so here are a few shots, even though I've made very little additional progress on Many Trips.

The finished portion of the quilt is on the left.  I folded this part and put it on the design wall so I could continue the partial blocks into the upper right and get the fabrics matched up properly.  The right side of the photo shows what will be upper right part of the quilt, laid out but not sewn yet.  After the little pieces are sewn togethr, it shrinks in size. 

It took me a good part of Sunday afternoon just to lay out the blocks shown above.  I have to be careful to match the already sewn adjoining blocks, get a good mix of color across the quilt with not too much of one color clumped up in one area, and work with the fat quarters I chose.  The botton right is going to be even trickier as I am running out of fabric selections but it seems a little late to introduce another print into the mix. 
I decided that this will be a throw-size quilt, probably ending up about 65" square.  It will go over the arm of this chair, my reading spot in our living room.  These chairs and the window shades are new; they were selected to coordinate with the existing decor in the room.  I used the cloth on the round table to select all the fabrics in my Many Trips quilt. 

By the way, the chairs and window shades came from Calico Home; I had a great experience with them (the chairs are from their line, their workshop made the shades and reupholstered a pair of chairs) and recommend them if you are redecorating.

The roses in the photo were a gift from some friends to Miss Main Street.  This past week, she was in her school's production of Guys and Dolls, the last musical of her high school career.  It is a year of "lasts" and "firsts" for us!

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It's just me, Alice said...

I love how this quilt is coming together. It will be perfect on your chair!