Friday, February 1, 2013

Many Trips Around the World

First there was the Great Granny Along then Scrappy Trips.  If you read more than a few quilting blogs you can't have missed these online quilt alongs.  I certainly paid attention and was tempted many times to join in - another case of so many quilts, so little time.  In the meantime, I saw another quilt I liked, on the Bemused blog, and just could not get it out of my mind.  Then it came to me!  Here was a project for the Fig Tree Harvest!

Yes, I am making a Many Trips Around the World quilt using my Fig Tree stash.  It has taken some time to plan this out properly, and funny enough, while I was planning it I was also planning our next vacation.  But no,  not a trip around the world!

I had to buy the solid I'm using for the diagonal between blocks (I call this the "trellis"); it is a raspberry color but I don't know what it is exactly because the bolt was not labeled.  I hope I bought enough!  I'd like to make a bed size quilt but will settle for a throw if it all gets to be too much.  There is quite a bit of work involved because the squares are only 2" cut/1.5" finished.  Must get cracking!


dortha said...

It is going to be a very pretty quilt. A good use of your Fig Tree fabric.

ytsmom said...

These blocks are wonderful. Great job on your color selections!

Wendy said...

I love the raspberry colour, it's going to be fantastic. Where's your next vacation. Sew little time is right.

Thimbleanna said...

Oh man, I LOVE that quilt of Jan's. And your version is gorgeous. It will be fun to watch it grow!