Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What To Do With My Fig Tree Fabric?

The reason I was looking through my inspiration box was to answer the question of what to do with all my Fig Tree fabric.   I bought a layer cake (Mill House Inn) at a quilt show back in September...

...then got some more in a sale from Jaybird Quilts.  In addition, I have quite a collection of scraps and leftovers from various projects that used older lines. 

I do like the pattern in the photo at the top, Paper Roses, but honestly, it will use only a fraction of the fabric I have.  So here are some other ideas.  I've been meaning to make Confetti Cake for a long time and saw the quilt Sherri made, which got me wanting to make it even more.  But I think I'd prefer to make that pattern with brighter colors.  Ruffles is a good possibility because it is a layer cake pattern.

I love this Abby Lane pattern called Magical Mystery Tour but again, it might be better in brighter colors and also lends itself to big prints.  And it is not ideal for layer cakes.  Rosettes would be a better choice because it is designed for layer cakes and would work well with the scale of the prints I have too.  I meant to make this one for Christmas last year but didn't get around to it. 

Oh well, I still have some time to ponder it.  What would you do?

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