Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Quilt On My Kitchen Wall

I made a seasonal change to the quilt hanging on my kitchen wall. We are now living with Watermelon.
I made this a long time ago. It was the first quilt I sent to a long-armer to quilt. Prior to that, I hand quilted all my quilts. Sending it out to be quilted was so liberating! Much as I love hand quilting, it is exceedingly time consuming and was such a constraint on my output. Now, I can spend more time designing and piecing. Having some my quilts machine quilted has also made me more eager to tackle bed-size quilts.
On Watermelon, I used a border technique that I really like, which is to include a narrow edging between two borders. The bright pink edging is about 3/8" inch wide, made out of a wider strip folded in half and sewn into the seam between the two borders. It is not sewn on the folded edge. I like this as a way to add a pop of color in the border. I find it easier than trying to accurately sew a very narrow border and I like the finished look.

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