Monday, May 4, 2009

Let's Talk Rotary Cutters

A few months back I was experiencing pain in my right hand and began to worry that I might be getting arthritis. I am much too young for that! Plus it could seriously mess up my quilting! Fortunately, the pain was mild, eased over a couple of days, and went away completely. Until last week. Same pain back, particularly in the palm of my right hand. When I tried to hold a rotary cutter it got worse, with the pain concentrated in the area where the rotary cutter handle meets my palm. This got me thinking that it might be caused by overuse or pressing too hard with the rotary cutter. I put cutting on hold for a few days and went easy with the computer mouse too but it took five days for the pain to go away completely.

Have you experienced anything like this? I use the old version, straight handle Olfa. Maybe I should try the new ergonomic version.

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