Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day - Small Town Parade

Nothing quilty in this post, just an account of what was happening on Main Street this morning.

Every year, our town holds a parade on Memorial Day. It has a very small town feel. Although the parade marches down Main Street, it makes a turn about three blocks from my house so I usually walk downtown (two blocks of small shops and businesses) to see it.
We start with antique cars.
Next is our high school marching band. They were led by the flag twirlers.

Next comes Hightstown Fire Company #1 (there is only one). They have five fire trucks, including this antique ladder rig. Fire companies from neighboring towns and the local EMT also participate so there are a lot of trucks and the little kids love it.

This tractor float had an exhibit of historical items from Decker's Dairy Farm. There used to be a lot of dairy farms in this area. We still have a few farms but most have sprouted houses.

The Kreps Middle School marching band provides the beat for the tail of the parade. Miss Main Street is playing her bass clarinet but she is on the far side and blocked by other kids in the photo.

Mannino's, local pizza and hoagie place, made a 200 foot long hoagie. They served it to parade goers after the parade was over. They billed it as the longest hoagie in the world; it is certainly the longest I have seen.

Have a happy Memorial Day. I'll be doing some sewing later.

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