Monday, March 16, 2009

March of the Tools - Design Wall Alternative

I don't have space for a large design wall in my sewing room. The room doubles as a guest room so between the bed, the doorway, the closet door, the windows, and the large bookcase on the only wall that doesn't have a door or window, I don't have the necessary expanse of wall space. But I found an alternative that works for me - the design bed.

I put a large piece of flannel (a twin size flannel sheet works well) on my queen-size bed and put the quilt blocks on the flannel. I can move the blocks around until I have a final layout then they stay in place while I sew. And if I don't get the entire quilt pieced before bedtime (for some reason, Mr. Main Street objects to sleeping under an additional layer of work-in-progress), I can fold the flannel up with the blocks in it and they won't shift around much.

The photo above shows the flannel spread out on the bed with some blocks in place.
The margin of flannel on the left side is folded over the blocks.
Then fold the margin of flannel on the right side over the blocks. Do the same at the top and bottom. Then fold in each side again.
Keep folding until you have a little bundle like this, small enough to sit on your sewing table or where you want to store it temporarily. When you want to work on the project, place on the bed and carefully unfold, one side at a time. Some blocks may shift slightly but it is easy to see where they go.
If you don't have space for a design wall, I suggest you give this alternative a try.

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