Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Inspiring Studio Tour

I saw a video tour of Edyta Sitar's studio on YouTube.  She is the pattern and fabric designer behind Laundry Basket Quilts and what a space she has!  

I was not only envious of her studio, I saw some quilts there that I would like to make.  So after viewing, I shifted over to her online shop and here is my haul.

I got the patterns for Wildflower, Dot Dot Dot, and Illuminate.  I was really drooling over Dot Dot Dot in the studio tour video and it is moving high up on my to-make list.  First step is to cut a circle out of nearly every piece of fabric in my stash, lol.  I don't have Edyta's stash so will allow myself to make this over a long period of time.  The first decision I need to make is machine or hand applique. I'm leaning towards hand applique and making this my portable project one I finish Flowers for Emma.  

I bought the blue floral toile for the border and will use one of the two blue mini dot prints for the binding.  The low volume fabrics are from a fabric bundle called Marshmallow Lights; they will augment my stash for the background.  

Wildflower and Illuminate will wait until "later."  

photo signature_zps7mcw44cc.png


  1. Wow! You are going to be busy for a long time. It will be fun to applique the dots and it will be a perfect take with you project.

  2. Thanks for sharing the link to Edyta's video. Very inspiring.

  3. Loved the tour of her studio and beautiful fabrics. I did drool over her quilts and yes, it would be hard to pick just one your choices and keep us posted. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I recently watched Edyta's studio tour and was also inspired to try a few of her patterns. I am in love with all of her fabric collections. I'm sure all the projects you have lined up will be great fun and I look forward to following your progress. I am wowed by the Dot pillow and think your idea of cutting one circle from each of your fabrics is a fantastic idea - one that I may have to copy.


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