Friday, June 12, 2020

Friday Finds - Book Edition

I'm a bookworm, with a preference for historical fiction and mysteries.  But not just any mysteries, I'm not keen on the first-person, psycho narrator type that have been popular for the past few years.   I like to have a detective (preferably connected to the police), interesting characters, and nothing too gory.

I recently found the works of Peter Grainger and love them.  The first in the series is called An Accidental Death.  We are introduced to Detective Sergeant David Smith (aka "DC"), a veteran detective nearing retirement age, based in Norfolk, England.  He is often given a case that the boss thinks could be wound up in a day or two, but DC finds evidence of a more complicated situation.

The characters are well-written, there is a little humor and wit, and interesting plots that aren't predictable.  As of now, they appear to be available only in Kindle and audio formats and the Kindle price is very reasonable.  I strongly recommend the series to my fellow mystery readers!

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  1. Thank you Cathy! It is always good to get a recommendation on a good book. Especially one with the parameters you described. My favorite as well. Colleen C.


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